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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Listen to a Republican Governator

By: admin |
January 11 2021 21:24

California flips parties in the governorship every eight to 12 years on average, far more than Oregon flips. By that measure, California is more Republican […]

Bentz Supports Insurrection

By: admin |
January 7 2021 0:18

Klamath County’s choice for a replacement for retiring Greg Walden? Cliff Bentz from LaGrande, notorious for going AWOL and walking out, rather than debating and […]

Romney Condemns Extreme Right

By: admin |
January 6 2021 23:47

Most of this is a repost from CNN…Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, who has condemned GOP attempts to subvert the will of the voters in the […]

Republican Undertow

By: admin |
January 4 2021 0:52

What do bad people see when they look the mirror? Same as everyone else: a person who believes they are justified in their actions. The […]