The majority Klamath voters are a stubborn mob. In the 2020 presidential election, 25,000 of the 36,000 voters chose Trump. That’s 69%, which is up from 2016 when Trump received 67% from Klamath. Not only did the love affair fail to fade, it increased slightly. All this for a guy who never did a day of manual labor his entire life and it’s doubtful Trump could locate Klamath Falls on a map. How do so many working class people find this person relatable?

The protest vote of 2016 is understood, especially for the purpose of blocking Hillary Clinton. Most males would have done anything to prevent what felt like their worst nightmare of a mother-in-law to be in charge of the country.

If you are still a Trump lover, take your fingers out of your ears and hands from your eyes while we review some of what’s happened or failed to.

Drain the swamp? Yes please. But Trump didn’t drain it, nor did he downsize government in any way. Instead, he replaced department heads with the 1% super rich people that ensured the stock market would go up while national production languished. The economic gains the country experienced were nothing special. It may be difficult to remember, but EVERY time the feds invoked a massive spending program, the economy expanded. The over-used measurement GDP makes it sound like we’re strong, but it’s time that everyone understands that GDP includes whatever government is spending money on. That’s NOT a reflection of our actual production of things. We’ve seen this happen twice this year, even when everyone was staying home.

Again, when government increases the federal government’s debt to print money and spends that money, there is more currency moving and the GDP increases as does the stock market. Doesn’t matter if its a Republican or Democrat who does it, same thing happens. At some point, that debt needs to be paid down.

Read this quote from a politico article about Reagan:

“When Ronald Reagan took office in January of that year, the gross domestic debt, as a percentage of the nation’s annual income, had reached its lowest point since 1931: 32.5 percent. As the Republican presidential nominee, Reagan had often spoken out during the campaign against deficit spending. Once ensconced in the White House, however, he encouraged Congress to spend heavily on arms while also cutting taxes. As a result, during the eight Reagan years the national debt soared.”

The debt didn’t expand so much through the 90s, but after 2000 when Bush took office it went up significantly. Obama also rendered a small stimulus, but was continuing the war that Bush started, so it definitely increased at at time, no argument. Then what happened when fiscally conservative Republicans were in control again? Turns out that after adjusting for the deficit from Covid relief, Trump has expanded the deficit substantially.

As of last week, the total budget deficit Trump added during his term is around $3.3 trillion. 1/3 of that had nothing to do with the pandemic. That raises the total debt to $27 trillion. That’s a staggeringly large number. Most people can’t even comprehend how much a trillion really is. Try this: if you counted a trillion dollar bills at one per second, you’d be at it for 31,000 years.

China holds a significant portion of our national debt, so that’s another threat to our economy if they ever played hard ball and demanded to cash in. Someone, sometime has to pay that debt down or our payments will be so high we’ll destabilize.


Are none of the Trump voters upset that supporting Trump’s golfing addiction cost American taxpayers an additional $109 million for the extra security and handling. (Source: Politicus USA). That’s in addition to various other extremely wasteful indulgences, such as when Melania wouldn’t move into the white house at first and a substantial security detail had to cover everything she was doing.

China and Metals

Trump had issues with China. Smack China around? Yes please, and he did that somewhat. But the way he did it hurt Americans more than China. The primary vehicle of retribution was tariff increases, which only increase the cost of goods that are imported…all the things we don’t make, most of which we don’t want to or can’t. That cost was passed to consumers. Especially hard hit were any individuals or companies that needed dimensional steel and aluminum. It wasn’t a direct relationship between the tariff impact and the cost of material for the consumer in this country. The 25% tariff on steel in many cases led to a 35% cost increase as orders were put off, cutting back the demand, kinking logistics and just plain American graft in using a crisis as an excuse to raise prices. It was worse with aluminum. The first tariff was 10%, but that translated to close to a 38% markup by the time new stock arrived in the Pacific NW. Further, a flurry of imported products made from aluminum, like car parts we don’t make here were included. Our companies tried to import from Canada, then Trump slapped them with a tariff.

Perhaps there is an argument to be made for protectionist tariffs in some cases, but the justification should center on two primary differences that amplify our cost of competing: labor and environmental impact. We’re supposed to care about human rights. That’s what sets us apart from the Communists. A healthy tariff would be linked to the labor cost differential and any toxic outcome we don’t do here.

Further, it’s full-on stupid to constrain a material we need for production BEFORE we have the capacity to replace it ourselves. This country has spent the past 40 years dismantling the majority of the heavy industry infrastructure for steel and aluminum production. Both require a lot of electrical energy and we’ve displaced all of that, so you can’t just switch on facilities that no longer exist.

If we had the production capacity to offset the tariffs that were planned, it might have been a good strategic move. It wasn’t. It isn’t. It is still harming our production capacity. Just ask any Klamath manufacturer that uses raw metal.


The final straw: those who voted for him witnessed another series of tantrums in the public media about the election being rigged and fraudulent. Did that finally do it? Did that knock him off the pedestal? Everyone with a functioning memory can recall he was lining up the same retort when he didn’t think he’d win in 2016. He mostly shut up about it once he realized he won. He’d go off on rigged elections again every time he pondered Clinton winning the popular vote.

Try on some deductive reasoning here. If Trump had issues with the way the elections were run from 2016, why did he fail to a single damn thing to improve the process for the past four years? It wasn’t like someone else was preventing him from fixing whatever he thought was haywire. It was his watch and he did nothing about it. Then, suddenly when he doesn’t win, he goes on a batshit tirade about fraudulent, rigged elections?

Anyone ok with THAT is flatly UNAMERICAN. This is the farthest thing from being a patriot as you can get in this country, short of handing military secrets directly to the Kremlin.

This writer spent two years working for a county election office while attending college. ANYONE who has managed to get off their fat ass to participate in the most American of all volunteer activities and witness any random election office performing their nonpartisan mandate is aware of the care taken to ensure honest elections. The count is a massive volunteer effort managed by paid staff that work on preparation year-round. This is a bi-partisan effort. Both major parties are automatically involved in every single step of everything.

This notion of observers being blocked from standing in certain places is utter bullshit. There were already observers in the form of Republican volunteers at every election office counting ballots. They are doing their best to implement a herculean task, then ask to do so again in a recount. You can’t get that job done with hoards of people standing in the way. And sending extra people in there is a form of interference.

As soon as Trump went off on the elections, that should have been beyond game over. That’s a traitor to the American system. We, who call out other countries notorious for false elections with good cause. Now we’ve lost all credibility on the world stage. Humanity will suffer for this malfeasance and we are in a far weaker position to influence other countries.


Speaking of unamerican activities, forget about collusion, that part doesn’t matter. What happened to our American principles in dealing with foreign adversaries, which Russia definitely is. A main reason Kingsley Field remained active the past five decades was due to the cold war with Russia. In the 50s to the 80ss, if any dignitary would have had business dealings with Russia or spoken of their leader as Trump did, they would have been jailed. What do you think McCarthy would have done if the USSR had influenced our elections in any way? Ignoring all of that, the bromance with Putin should have turned off every gun-toting conservative, but instead they doubled down.


All this leads to pondering whether the Republican party has any moral baseline if they are so obsessed with control in the name of their party they will eagerly shed all signs of contrition to support a clown puppet of the uber-rich. Evangelicals? Really? Endorsing and supporting a pussy-grabber that had a lurid sexual affair with a famous porn star? He didn’t wear a condom. That’s your representative against birth control.

Well now look at us. Nearly 70% of the voters bet the farm on a rich guy who wields power like a mafia boss and is clearly of the same character. And he lost. And he’s in denial. Are you still in denial? You hitched your wagons to a mad cow who took you off trail and busted your wagon and now you are stranded on an economic island the Democrats are about to control.

You probably…this is just a suggestion…come up with a new cover story. The first thing you need to do is let go of this nonsense. All those things you aligned with Trump are nonstarters now. Every time you bring them up, you’re going to sound even more raving mad.

Pout, grumble, we don’t need the democrats, we do fine down here by ourselves in isolation. News flash, you do. Whether they help you are not depends on if you can somehow smarten up and reinvent yourselves, but if past observations are any indication, little will change.

Keep in mind that all discretionary funding in Oregon which is controlled by a democrat governor is exactly that. The people who distribute assistance to rural communities are mostly democrat. They won’t flatly refuse requests in proper order and justified, but they can and will decide whether your projects are more worthy than communities who don’t have their heads up their asses. They do and will remember how you vote, especially in crisis. You can’t make anyone in government like you if you are behaving badly.

If your neighbors dog growls and snaps at you, tries to bite you, what do you do? You avoid walking past that house. Republicans, you can keep doing business as usual, storming out of voting sessions like children when you can’t figure out how to have any good ideas that make more sense than what you dislike. You can keep saying the same things. Keep it up. You’re just the stinky transient on some street-corner talking crazy while everyone ignores you and avoids helping you because you are too disgusting and it would be pointless.

Or you could wake up, buy some clues and reinvent yourselves. There are plenty of smart things you could be doing. Are you capable? We’ll see.