Not many people are aware of this: it is illegal to leave auxiliary driving lights on when approaching another vehicle. Those fog lights or driving lights…whatever you want to call them…are the same as driving with your brights on. You aren’t supposed to do that. You dim your lights when approaching another vehicle, you should also turn off your aux lights as well.

No one has even heard of someone being given a ticket for this. Cops are prone to issue tickets on everything like speeding to stop signs like freebasing crack addicts, but seem strangely absent on the issue of enforcement in areas like this that are more problematic. (Contrary to what the Lawdogs tell you, though it may make an accident more severe, speed is never the cause of any accident. F-18 pilots somehow can drive over 700 mph without crashing. Speed doesn’t kill, but losing control of a vehicle does. The priorities are all wrong, serving the insurance industry).

There are a lot of stupid laws, but this is not one of them. Even without the law, is it really a good idea to blind someone coming at you at more than 50 mph who is aiming to miss you by only a few feet?

If you fail to turn off both your brights and additional lights when another vehicle is approaching you are STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! At a minimum you are suicidal AND homicidal. If you are the former, let’s help you die without taking out someone else. Legalize all drugs to cull the population.