Around a quarter of the traffic to Burning Man passes through Oregon. In Reno, the economic multiplier effect of the Burning Man migration is estimated to be more than $50 million. It is safe to say that Klamath Falls loses well over $5 million in activity by acting outwardly hostile to this type of tourist. Ignore any smarmy outreach from the tourism agency: that’s what they are paid to do and no level of whoring is beneath them. They may put up a good front as they did last year smiling and handing out bags of MOOP, but they do nothing the rest of the year to educate the population on tolerance or build a climate more conducive to working with the Burning Man mindset.

Warning to those traveling to Burning Man: find a route around Klamath Falls if you can, or carefully pass through on Highway 140 to 39. The ample City cops, the County Cops and the State Patrol are settingĀ  traps for you everywhere they can in the Klamath vicinity, looking for any excuse to pull you over and invade your privacy.

The less time you spend in Klamath, the better. Get your supplies in Medford or Bend and skip Klamath to avoid frustration or worse. Klamath has made it clear they don’t want your kind. They ban skateboarders downtown, call the police when the dressed like you hang around, and have a record of railing against diversity. Last year, County Commissioners painted “In God We Trust” with a huge godly scene on the main wall of their hearing room. The majority of the town and county hate your pagan asses! (Though you don’t consider yourselves Pagan, they think you are, and that’s all that counts).

Yay! Washington and Oregon legalized marijuana! EXCEPT….Klamath specifically banned dispensaries, so you can’t buy any pot products in Klamath. First the bible-thumping commissioners did it. Then a referendum to overturn the commissioners failed. Basically, the public voted against dispensing weed in Klamath. You won’t be stocking up there. A better option is to take your money to the Medford-Ashland area. The shopping is better for costumes and all things Burning Man attendees need in Medford anyway.

Boom down I-5 and either find a hotel, or camp at the Jackson Wellsprings near Ashland. For 10$ a day you can use the spa facilities. They have an amazing geothermal spring pool, massive geothermal hot tub, steam room and sauna. That’s where all the cool people hang out. In the morning, you can head north on Highway 99 between Ashland and Talent and visit around 10 different marijuana dispensaries. Every one of them is friendly, easy to talk to, and informed. When the legalization was first implemented, you couldn’t buy oils, but now you can. There are nifty disposable vaporizers now with an ounce of oil for under $45 in most places. And lots of edibles in addition to regular buds of all types trending. Run that ten mile strip on 99 to stock up and end up Fred Meyer for groceries, where you will also find a Harbor Freight store for cheap hardware. In Medford on Highway 140, there is a mega sports store, a Costco, and a super Walmart.

From there, take 140 east and pay close attention to the speed limit, for many traps await you until you are to the California border.

More on Klamath’s pot stupidity: what idiots. Of course law enforcement and every nanny-state entity led the opposition to what the state voted to legalize. The only plausible appeal they had was to prevent children from getting pot. This, ironically, is the chronic backfire. By banning dispensaries that check I.D.s with the passion of someone who hopes to stay in a lucrative tax-paying business, Klamath forced consumers into the home grow market.

Which route is easier for a kid seeking weed? A dispensary that won’t sell to them because they are underage that moves products to adults thereby reducing production of clandestine herb…or turning half the population into home growers (which they are all entitled by state law). With the latter, current situation, kids can easily pilfer neighborhood grow sites that have little or no security or controls.

Walk the street and experience the truth: Klamath’s policies have made the transient drug use problem worse by fueling the illicit trade with illicitly gained booty. Residents will continue to grow it and continue to have it stolen, feeding a vastly more grotesque cycle of dysfunction.

One more caution to Burning Man travelers, if you park your rig in Klamath to rest, you will likely be robbed. Stay anywhere else.