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Another Boom for Klamath Gone Bust

By: admin |
April 13 2017 21:17

Klamath’s home grown wood products company and largest private employer was recently purchased by a Canadian investment firm who moved the corporate headquarters from Klamath […]

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Chamber of Commerce Uselessness

By: admin |
March 31 2017 23:29

Complacent acceptance must ebb from the same rote stupor as so many rituals lingering in our common minds. Get up, get ready, warm up the […]

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What’s our government (NOT) smoking?

By: admin |
March 14 2016 20:41

Call it proof of (insert word here): stupidity, arrogance, dysfunction, denial, oppression. The decisions and actions Klamath County and the City of Klamath Falls have […]

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To Newspaper: Stop Helping Burglars

By: admin |
December 12 2014 21:03

The First Amendment of the US Constitution establishes the freedom of the press, but it does little to protect citizens from tyranny of the press. […]

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Basin Transit Service

By: admin |
September 5 2014 6:49

A reader submitted a rant about Basin transit we felt worthy of posting. Note: Staff at The Klamath Rant have never ridden the Basin Transit […]

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Klamath’s Futile Ineptitude Harms Economy

By: admin |
June 24 2014 4:07

The water wars. Guess what? Agriculture has lost the irrigation battle. The rest of the economy continues to suffer damage for a collective failure to understand […]

Flying Blind

By: admin |
April 9 2014 20:22

Sky West aka “Sky Worst” aka United Airlines has announced it will cease flights to and from the Klamath Falls Airport as of June 2014. […]

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Klamath Electrical Utility

By: admin |
January 30 2014 20:33

Think back to being in school. The teacher explains you must pair up with someone to complete a project, but you only have two students […]

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Commercial Flights

By: admin |
September 25 2013 6:48

There aren’t many degrees of separation from knowing of someone who is in, or has left an abusive relationship. That’s a relationship you stay in […]

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Same as it Ever Was

By: admin |
August 8 2013 23:22

A sleepy, quaint, rural town. That’s the way we like it. Got it. Not so quiet though, with the eardrum-busting military aircraft and the parade […]

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Stung at Klamath Falls’ Parks

By: admin |
July 14 2013 19:59

A lovely day at a park in Klamath Falls can be ruined by bee stings. Walk the main field at Moore Park and you’ll see clover everywhere. […]

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Wash My Windshield

By: admin |
March 17 2013 19:27

You’d think that the Oregon law requiring gas stations to hire people to pump gas would also ensure someone washes your windshield while the attendant […]

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Windows 8 Sucks

By: admin |
February 25 2013 21:38

The title of this article likely surprises no one. However, this posting is to help save consummate early adopters from wasting their money on the hope that […]

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Klamath Falls Snow Extortion

By: admin |
February 10 2013 23:55

The sheer volume of stupid tricks the City pulls on property owners and businesses would be comical if it wasn’t so painful. Recently an out-of-town building […]

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The Blind Spot

By: admin |
February 2 2013 20:57

“You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.” This is such an appropriate saying and a song for our times, but to miss something, one […]

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Thanks Again! National Guard

By: admin |
January 10 2013 1:37

We counted no less than 11 low-level flights with full afterburners through the most populated area of Klamath today. As mentioned in an earlier post […]

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Snow Worries

By: admin |
January 9 2013 0:04

The snowflakes fell in erie silence that Saturday morning–December 16, to be exact–the first snow accumulation of the year. It had been snowing since Friday […]

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The Truth

By: admin |
December 14 2012 1:22

Get one thing straight: lies are not being told on this site. It may be tedious to sort opinion from a fact, but we provide […]

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Boat House Status

By: admin |
December 9 2012 20:06

Land Grant DeedBoat House Status On Monday, December 3, 2012, the livelihood of Kevin and Carol Westfall was balanced precariously on a request to the […]

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Klamath Boat House Meeting Update

By: admin |
December 2 2012 1:37

It was not an easy meeting to find on that cold November evening, primarily because staff failed to post it on the City’s website where all the […]

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