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Another Boom for Klamath Gone Bust

By: admin |
April 13 2017 21:17

Klamath’s home grown wood products company and largest private employer was recently purchased by a Canadian investment firm who moved the corporate headquarters from Klamath […]

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Kellstrom and Hart’s Worst Decision –

By: admin |
November 3 2016 17:33

Recently the most compelling downtown historical facade went away as the tears of those who admired it rained like acid. There should have been a […]

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Politics, the Community College, and an Alternate

By: admin |
November 4 2014 22:51

Community College? What of it? What does the college have to do with anything in politics or the economy? Bear with us, the point will […]

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Hippie Town has it Better Than Klamath

By: admin |
April 22 2014 19:37

Burning Man is an infamous event that occurs every year in late August in northern Nevada, a 3.5-hour drive from Klamath Falls. Calling it an […]

Klamath Electrical Utility

By: admin |
January 30 2014 20:33

Think back to being in school. The teacher explains you must pair up with someone to complete a project, but you only have two students […]

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Klamath Good Old Boys

By: admin |
November 16 2013 3:09

We recently heard someone talking about how the new City Manager is circumventing the “good ‘ol boy network” in Klamath Falls. Ironically, the person who said […]

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Commercial Flights

By: admin |
September 25 2013 6:48

There aren’t many degrees of separation from knowing of someone who is in, or has left an abusive relationship. That’s a relationship you stay in […]

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Klamath Falls Snow Extortion

By: admin |
February 10 2013 23:55

The sheer volume of stupid tricks the City pulls on property owners and businesses would be comical if it wasn’t so painful. Recently an out-of-town building […]

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The Blind Spot

By: admin |
February 2 2013 20:57

“You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.” This is such an appropriate saying and a song for our times, but to miss something, one […]

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The Horrors of Klamath’s Real World

By: admin |
October 31 2012 19:34

Follow these points: Klamath has the highest teen pregnancy in the country. Klamath has no Planned Parenthood. Klamath consistently elects ultra-conservatives to public office. The […]

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Webcam: Where did it go?

By: admin |
October 15 2012 22:24

The site owner maintained a live webcam of Klamath Falls continuously from 2001 to 2012. There were a great many followers, but it was always […]

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