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Klamath County’s Continued Property Con

By: admin |
January 28 2019 22:10

“…from my cold, dead hands.” Charlton Heston’s passionate quote about gun rights could also be applied to how government seems to feel about relinquishing ANY […]

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Follow the Money

By: admin |
November 5 2018 22:55

The problem of excessive campaign financing has been with us for many decades, but has grown to staggering proportions in recent years. From record presidential […]

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Pitiful Klamath Political

By: admin |
June 1 2018 5:46

There’s a decent argument that the last presidential election sucked because it was a clear dilemma of voting for whom you disliked least; a choice […]

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Klamath County Scams Property Tax

By: admin |
November 11 2017 22:57

Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but we accept it with the understanding that the taxes are fair and just. Property tax is a mainstay that most […]

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Kellstrom and Hart’s Worst Decision –

By: admin |
November 3 2016 17:33

Recently the most compelling downtown historical facade went away as the tears of those who admired it rained like acid. There should have been a […]

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Klamath Voters Beware: Linthicum

By: admin |
October 22 2016 17:47

As anyone walking in rattlesnake country knows, what can harm you most is what you don’t see. Fangs and venom of rattlesnakes are well-known and […]

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Hypocrisy Klamath Election 2016

By: admin |
October 5 2016 23:49

Eastern Oregonians often bitch about the lopsided population spread that gives the Portland area control over electing the Governor. Even if everyone outside of the […]

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Klamath’s Rigged Primary Election

By: admin |
May 12 2016 22:08

The greatest insult to an American flag isn’t burning it. Far more shocking is when someone you trusted—in this country—in a position of power metaphorically […]

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To Newspaper: Stop Helping Burglars

By: admin |
December 12 2014 21:03

The First Amendment of the US Constitution establishes the freedom of the press, but it does little to protect citizens from tyranny of the press. […]

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Politics, the Community College, and an Alternate

By: admin |
November 4 2014 22:51

Community College? What of it? What does the college have to do with anything in politics or the economy? Bear with us, the point will […]

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Basin Transit Service

By: admin |
September 5 2014 6:49

A reader submitted a rant about Basin transit we felt worthy of posting. Note: Staff at The Klamath Rant have never ridden the Basin Transit […]

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Beware CenturyLink

By: admin |
June 14 2014 1:28

If you are familiar with the tale of Alice in Wonderland, take a moment to ponder whether Alice would have entered the rabbit hole with […]

Corruption hiding in Klamath Falls?

By: admin |
November 5 2013 21:01

Sometimes you can learn more from what someone doesn’t say than what they say. This also applies to government. Most people think the little city of […]

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