Overpopulation is the World’s #1 Problem

Global populations didn’t expand much until the industrial revolution, punctuated by mechanized farming and the petrochemical-based pesticides and fertilizers that enabled rapid population growth.

Like any other animal, humans expanded at the rate the food supply could support them. Any other species would have been culled by predators or disease, but our superior minds eliminated the predators and have managed to use modern medicince to keep the population from dying off from a plague…so far.

However, no resource is inexhaustible. Everything we depend on to support our growing population will be used up by us eventually, but sooner depending on how much more our population increases.

Oil supplies are dwindling while the pollution created by petroleum products is killing the species of plants and animals that we depend on.  Many scientists estimate the world may have less than 50 years of oil left before dire and permanent shortages emerge. Scientists have also calculated that the pre-industrial world could support roughly 2 billion people. Oil has made it possible to grow to over 7 billion world wide. Therefore, when we run out of oil, at least 5 billion will starve to death.This is an optimistic estimate, assuming the survivors would let go of their modern conveniences and live as primitives. (See video below for a more realistic estimate of Earth’s carrying capacity).

We won’t be able to retool with wind and solar energy generation because petroleum is needed to build those renewable energy devices. An extraordinary volume of fossil fuel is required to mine, process and transport the rare earth materials required to produce renewable technologies.

Each year, somewhere between 10,000 and 150,000 species are going extinct.  We’ve already overfished many species to the point of extinction. Global warming has altered the food chain that threatens increases algae and displaces species such as krill that many fish feed on. Ocean acidification is wiping out coral reefs, which may be completely gone in several decades taking 1/3 of the protein the world eats with it.

Trace all the environmental and resource problems back to the source and there is one cause remaining: overpopulation. The global population grows at over 70 million people each year. The Earth’s resources are not as infinite as our reproduction capacity seems to be.

Humans are very egocentric animals. Since the advent of birth control, we reproduce because we feel we are entitled to. Pride insists we must continue our lineage. Countries and religions are driven to enhance their power by creating more people who think as they do. For all the intelligence we think we possess, nothing is as blatently ignorant, selfish and insane as our inability to check our own population.

We had it all. We were at the top of the food chain. All we had to do was live within our means, but we couldn’t and still can’t fulfill that simple task.

As the population grows, we can look foward to a very painful existence and demise. It is the children being born now that will pay the price, and they can’t argue for the future we are leaving them.

What to do? This is something every person can work on and impact.

  • Withdraw  from any organization that stands against birth control.
  • Support charities that promote and provide for contraception.
  • Lobby for incentives for voluntary sterilization. Convicted of a violent crime, such as rape? Knock some time off by agreeing to a vassectomy. A woman that is a known drug addict or alcoholic who keeps getting pregnant? $1,000 bonus if she has her tubes tied.
  • Support increasing taxes on families increasing the burden on society by making children (it is currently the other way around).
  • Support tax incentives and rebates for people who sterilize themselves.
  • Make it easy to be sterilized.
  • Provide humanitarian aid to overpopulated, poor countries where people in poverty agree to sterilization.
  • Sterilization needs to become a component of immigration.

There are so many self-proclaimed environmentalists that are, hypocritically, breeders. If you are concerned about the environment, you should absolutely not be reproducing!

If this sounds extreme, just look around at what is happening in the world. Glaciers are gone, the ice caps are melting. The evidence is around and inside you in the form of poison. Safe drinking water is becoming a comodity. These problems are fundamentally cause by populations that are too large and too consumptive.

Check out this video on population

It is impossible to for any person to erase their own carbon footprint. Every person in existence is a drain, but environmentalists act like collective action can somehow offset the human presence, and even suggest we can do better than that. WRONG. The impact of every new human cannot be offset. The only way to offset is to prevent the birth in the first place.

We cannot confront the realities of our long-term survival if the myriad of entities that allegedly lead the charge for addressing climate issues refuse to confront population growth as the number one problem.

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