In the context of survival, political games and posturing matter little. The Parties are certainly not of any serious concern for the super-rich and mega-corporations who secure special advantages regardless of which side wins. Just look at campaign contributions: once a voting record has been established, there is a clear pattern of contributions by special interests that dole money to incumbents that vote their way no matter what side they are on (primarily medical, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy). They trust consistency and the candidate counts on their money to hold onto power. The burning question is: why do the majority of the voters always fall in line with being pawns in these insane bipartisan games?

Right now, survival is the main concern as the struggle for prosperity eludes the lower class and formerly middle-class Americans. People are overwhelmed, disgusted, and feel helpless, all of which contribute to apathy. Rather than rallying around someone different, most tune out and don’t vote at all.

The press underestimates how disloyal many of the voters are to one party or the other. Especially before the primary, thousands change their registration to have access to the candidate they can only elect or block with the opposing party affilication. Unfortunately, the primary is where the election in Klamath ends, because the record shows that Republicans almost always win the general. Sheeple, please…this is truly sad because you let your predjudice for a made-up and ineffective doctrine kill options that might have actually helped you. How does it feel to be the cheerleader dressed in cute clothes that is only valued during the rally and dumped for the rest of the year?  Blinded by their party rhetorich infactuation, Klamathites eliminate the very choices that would compel government to be better. If a cloud emerged with a silver lining, it would allow everyone to suddenly stop voting for either party, because Klamath will never see its needs met by either.

It is important to remember that when the Constitution was signed and for 1.5 decades thereafter, there were no political parties. The Constitution established the first true democracy, which was NOT limited two TWO parties stacking the deck through controlled election publicity. When parties emerged, essentially split on the issue of more federal centralization vs. state rights and autonomy, they were unstable, shifting agendas in ways that compelled people to actually listen to the substance of debates.

Thomas Jefferson can be claimed by both the Democrats and Republicans, but more approprately by neither. Jefferson founded what became known as the Democrat-Republican Party in 1791 to block a federalist agenda leaning toward the sort of monarchical government centralization among rich elitists the colonies had fought so hard to escape under English rule. Jefferson’s original party would now more closely resemble the agendas touted by the Libertarian and Constitutionalist parties, which by the way, are never included in common debate forums and never elected.  The Democratic Party as we know it was started in 1832, and the Republican Party in 1860.

Both parties changed sides and traded issues in ways that would surprise anyone evaluating what they currently represent as they jointly oppose the core yearning by Americans for freedom, safety, liberty, stability, and vitality. These days, debates are all about taking sides, or picking one team to the exclusion of the other. The discourse sounds like a trashier version of the Jerry Springer show where viewers respond to the most disgusting and disturbing grandstanding. At large, the issues that matter most are pillaged and pirated, reconstituted as political effluent that stains everything it comes in contact with. The minds of the people, operated by an elitist remote control through the airwaves and circutry of modern media.

To many, this isn’t much different than a football or baseball game, and equally unimportant to individual liberty.

What our society needs at all levels is something that is both and neither. In most offices, we are once again left with the choice of electing the asshole we hate the least. If people ever decided to just say “no” to these affiliations, the time is at hand. But if we can’t do that–to at least upset the apple cart–we have nothing to look forward to but darker ages. Vote like you usually do, flush the toilet and see that wastewater you contibuted to mix with everything you must live with. Rather, keep voting the same way or not voting at all and you taint your own liberty.

The worst tragedy would be to support the same assholes we, the voters, did on any previous round. They’ve all proven they stink as much as ever.