We’re providing a better summary of election results for everyone frustrated that nobody else has aggregated the high points in one convenient location.


County Commissioner Position 3: With 43% of the vote in the Primary, Derek Degroot became the winner when incumbent Jim Bellet avoided a runoff by withdrawing from the race.

County Commissioner Position 1: Donnie Boyd took 51% of the vote, winning the seat in the primary, defeating incumbent Ted Mallams who received only 21% of the vote.

Sheriff: Chris Kaber beat Steve Lewis with 8,661 more votes.


Mayor: Carol Westfall beat 24-year incumbent Todd Kellstrom with 52% of the votes. Kellstrom received only 43%.

City Council Ward 2: Kendall Bell beat 28-year incumbent Bud Hart with 56% of the vote.

City Council Ward 1: Phil Studenberg won with 33% of the votes. This position was vacated by Trish Seiler who decided not to run after many years in office.


Governor: Kate Brown, originally secretary of state, was reelected to the post she took over when Kitzhaber resigned just months after winning his 4th term. His resignation came in the midst of a scandal involving his new wife and lawsuits surrounding the controversy that continue to this day. Kate Brown barely won with 50% of the votes. Bud Pierce, her Republican opponent, interestingly was pro-choice. Being more moderate–like Schwarzenegger–in his platform, he fared better than any other Republican that has run for Governor since Atiyeah in 1979 (the last Republican who won).

Senate: Linthicum won the Senate seat with 61% votes in spite of the scandal where he participated in rigging the primary election. Due to that chain of events, Dan Kepple filed as a Democrat while stating he was still Republican. Apparently the hypocrisy didn’t play well with the voters, or the majority was too ignorant to comprehend what happened. Get ready for the recall campaign. (Senate District 28 covers Klamath, Lake and portions of Deschutes and Jackson Counties).

House: Reschke also won despite being part of the Whitsett primary election rigging scheme. Reschke ultimately received more votes than 11th-hour challenger Al Switzer. Hopefully, we’ll see an additional recall campaign for “Comrade Verner Redsky.” It is seriously un-American to rig elections. (House District 56 covers the lower half of Klamath and the lower quarter of Lake County to Lakeview).

Note: Some people thought these crooked Senate and House candidates won because it was too difficult to reach the voters outside of Klamath County about the election rigging conspiracy. Not true. Every county carried a similar majority, meaning that a large group of people in these districts will automatically vote Republican on principle, even if a less corrupt Republican is running as a Democrat because that was the only option…being completely unaware of the candidates themselves. Thus, if the only person on the Republican ticket was a known baby-eater that enjoyed wearing suits made of human skin, that person would still win. That’s how backwards, stubborn and self-defeating our voting majority is…especially in Klamath where the scandal received significant coverage. That’s why we hate Klamath (for the 60% that vote and think that way). Sorry for the rest of you innocents caught up in the rage. That’s the way it goes, stand up and fight against tyranny or you will be a victim of it (you didn’t vote for these jerks, but if you didn’t join the fight to to stop them…not much better).


Senate: Not surprisingly, Ron Wyden was re-elected by the rest of the state with 56% of the vote. He has been Oregon’s Senator for 20 years. Prior to that he was Oregon’s House Rep for 15 years.

House: It was also not surprising that Greg Walden was reelected…again, with 71% of the vote. Walden has held this office for the past 18 years. His father was an Oregon Rep for three terms.

President: As everyone knows, Donald Trump won. Clinton would have won with 50% of the popular vote in Oregon. Washington, California and Nevada also had a vast majority of votes for Clinton. Klamath County was resoundingly for Trump (67% of Klamathites voted for him). However, like Gore before, Clinton WON the popular vote, but failed to receive enough electoral votes. If the opposite had occurred, Trump would have gone on a tirade and Republicans might have unified with the Democrats on abolishing the electoral college that most Americans dislike.

Trump has vowed to push for term limits for Congress, and Republicans have already railed against him on that. Any reform would be better than none, so let’s hope he makes a big deal about this. Trump also seeks to require that two federal regulations must be removed for every new regulation Congress adds. How wonderful that would be!


  • Voters registered in Oregon: 2,568,183
  • 2016 was a record for Oregon: 76% turnout.
  • 30,546 people voted in Klamath County for a 77% voter turnout.
  • Did you know Oregon has a sales tax? It was levied on businesses in a ballot measure. This year, Governor Kate Brown pushed Measure 97, which sought to further increase that sales tax, but was soundly rejected by voters. Voters reelected her but rejected her main strategy for funding her pork…hmmm.
  • The federal government is now Republican dominated: The Republican President is aligned with Republican majorities in the House AND Senate.
  • Oregon government is now Democrat dominated: The Democratic Governor is aligned with Democrat majorities in the House AND Senate.
  • Oregon will be politically at odds with the feds, which never plays well. Prepare for a perfect storm of being at the bottom of the list for federal grants and assistance.
  • California passed a ballot measure that makes it a FELONY to possess an unregistered firearm. With this disclosure requirement, gun owners  fear the government will know which families to raid when martial law is declared. We are about to witness a migration of gun-lovers fleeing California.
  • Nevada and California joined Oregon, Washington, and Colorado in legalizing marijuana. There are already a lot of growers in Oregon, but you’ve seen nothing yet. The new demand will usurp other forms of agriculture in the near future, especially in the temperate regions of Oregon where there are better options for irrigation. Klamath may ban all the dispensaries, but it won’t matter when grass grows like grass everywhere.