Sometime in the past year, an editor at the newspaper monopoly groused about websites that portay Klamath negatively. This site wasn’t referenced directly, no doubt over concern about accidentally boosting our already high response rate in search engines.

It seems like the pot calling the kettle black when the de facto media whines about someone else portraying Klamath in a negative light. An entity with a business model dependent upon a constant stream of stories about murder and crime in addition to daily crime reports is most certainly not a positive influence in the community. Apparently, they think that adding puff and lifestyle articles to the mix somehow balances the fear mongering generated from the news that shocks people into consuming their product. It doesn’t. The consistency of negative reporting is far worse than anything we do. They make a lot of money from their negative reporting, we don’t.

Many entities had ample resources to silence this site at any time simply by buying the domain, which has been for sale for the past five years. Those associated with marketing the community have spent many times over the buyout price in advertising to overcome the dark cloud of awareness this blog has promoted. The county tourism agency receives a hefty $400,000 each year from taxes on tourists. They could have easily purchased this site. So could the newspaper, who also owns the Nickel Ads. Their parent company, Pioneer Press, owns 23 newspapers in the NW, all generating ample advertising revenue. A few years ago, Klamath Community College put a referendum on the ballot. They couldn’t wait until a regular election cycle to pose the same question about raising taxes that fails every time. Being the only item on the ballot meant that because of them alone, Klamath County Elections had to pay $24,000 to mail out the ballots (the measure failed, of course, so it was a complete waste). That money would have easily covered the acquisition cost and bought them an additional domain commonly used by colleges. The rich kids that bought economic development could have also afforded to own this site. Nobody made an attempt.

Nevermind all that. For the first time since this blog began, it seems the political tides are turning. This is so important to correcting many of the wrongs in Klamath, the following commitment is made:

Pledge: this blog will be shut down and cease if the all the incumbents (or their successors chosen through rigged elections) are defeated in the general election on November 8, 2016. A great many readers will miss this site, but such a flush of old politics would be so epic, it would be well worth the sacrifice to achieve this goal.

You can do it Klamath! The voters pleasantly surprised us in the primary by ousting the County commissioner incumbents running for reelection. Bellet and Mallams are out, two down and great job! All you need to do is vote the cronies out of four more seats:

City of Klamath Falls

  • Remove Todd Kellstrom – 24 years is far too long to be mayor, and he’s corrupt for all reasons mentioned in past blogs.
  • Remove Bud Hart – He’s been on council for 28 years. Enough already! Not corrupt, but his lingeringpresence greatly limits progress and taints the democratic process.

State Offices

  • Vote against Dennis Linthicum in the Senate
  • Vote against Werner Reschke in the House

With a long list of fish left to fry for horrible acts against the Klamath citizenry, this is a great sacrifice and significant commitment we’re making to the Klamath voters. Cleaning the metaphorical government house would be such a tremendous accomplishment, it would be worth it. Just think–a clean slate across the board.

Voters reinvigorated Klamath County in the primary, placing a younger, less problematic, and hopefully more rational group in charge. Removing Kellstrom and Hart from the City of Klamath Falls would essentially gut and reboot the city government (along with the new blood in Trish Seiler’s vacated Council position…we don’t care who you select for that seat). There has been so much exposure about the Whitsetts rigging the election for their chosen successors, there is actually a chance they may not win. It’s hard to say how long it has been since the house and senate seats weren’t controlled by old factions handed down as if they were medieval feudal lordships. Senator Timms was a fixture in the 80’s, then Harper was selected as Senator Timm’s heir apparent. Whitsett was chosen by Harper. Now Whitsett just tried to sneak his buddy Linthicum in. The cycle MUST end…JUST SAY NO! We don’t need to go over the rest of the transgressions involving the Whitsetts covered in past posts, but those who are confused or don’t believe would do well to seek justification by reviewing them.

It is assumed anyone reading this may miss the blog, but think of what would be gained. Please tell anyone you know of who dislikes this site or any of its content that for a limited time, they have a cheap and easy option to make it go away just by doing the right thing this election and voting the old guard out of office.

Reviewing the voting history in Klamath Falls, the least likely to be voted out are the City incumbents, especially Mayor Kellstrom, who had announced he was only running for this one last term. He could make it easier for everyone and withdraw from the race ahead of the election to ensure this nasty, negative blog site will shut down and Klamath can begin a new and far more successful era. Kellstrom…if everyone is ousted but you, then everything this site publishes in the future and all the bad things said that remain for all to see will continue to haunt Klamath–and it will be all your fault because you were too stubborn to step aside. If you truly do care about the community, step down now.