As anyone walking in rattlesnake country knows, what can harm you most is what you don’t see. Fangs and venom of rattlesnakes are well-known and terror-inducing, so we learn to fear these snakes after a first encounter. The toxic fallout from a tide of votes, less-so.

Linthicum is a snake in the grass that hasn’t been much of a threat because he has never held a high office, though his presence as a County Commissioner certainly reduced opportunities for Klamath to prosper. The road ahead is much darker if he gets elected, which is highly likely given the trick he pulled with Whitsett to keep rivals off the Republican ballot. That action was self evident.

The easiest way to verify what else is going on is to look at the flow of campaign funds. In doing so, anyone can track the money transferred from the Whitsett accounts to their chosen successors, as well as the special interests further propping Linthicum.

The Oregon Secretary of State maintains a database of campaign contributions and expenditures required by law, though it doesn’t show the most recent transactions due to a reporting grace period. We can’t take you directly to the outcome as they don’t make it possible to link directly to the results of a search, and like many government systems this is not what we’d call intuitive. Here is the website’s search page:

The form is confusing. Don’t fill out most of it. Just focus on a single field: on the second line of the form, “Filer/Committee:”

Type: Linthicum and press enter.

For another search in the same field, try: Whitsett

These two searches show extensive transactions. Inside that morass of data, you will find contributions from the Whitsett’s campaign funds to Linthicum and Reschke. An avalanche of contributions have been tossed into Linthicum’s coffers ONLY because he scammed the exclusive nomination from the Republicans in a district that almost always elects a Republican. All organizations with large budgets that seek political favor automatically donate to the republican nominee here.

There are also many advertising expenditures Whitsett’s are spending money on, which seems odd since they aren’t running for election. This is a way to boost support for their heirs apparent without seeming to provide funds directly.

There will be a record voter turnout this year, driven by the most controversial presidential race in living memory. Many are voting simply because they feel they must act on the utter disgust felt toward one of the the presidential candidates–to prevent the candidate they hate the most from winning. In the darkness of such a huge shadow, it is easy to overlook the local snake in the grass that will bite us in the ass harder than the distant president.


Those who have wondered if Trump or Clinton are fit for office should also consider whether Linthicum poses a similar dilemma. Setting aside the controversial issues that fuel endless debates about what is wrong with the old-guard, extreme right wing Republican agenda, there are some very basic character flaws about Linthicum that could lead to the unimaginable: a Senator somehow even worse than Whitsett.


Top 4 reasons to vote against Linthicum

  1. Linthicum is against clear and obvious interventions to improve local economies.
  2. Linthicum rails against tyranny, but acts just like a tyrant.
  3. Linthicum has the largest campaign fund.
  4. Linthicum is morally corrupt.


1. The Economy

The Whitsett’s and Dennis Linthicum blog extensively. They also lord over a website together, which pretends to be an external news resource, even including “news” in it’s name. At the same time, they plaster their names all over it and among the “anonymous” articles submitted under pen names, often in the form of founding fathers. They do little to hide the fact that it is a direct reflection of their philosophies on everything written therein. The site is a propaganda tool, after all. The ham-handed, narrow, hypocritical, and lackluster execution of the website is a direct reflection of their living personas.

Within the rhetoric about a “free economy” and the lack thereof being the main reason for all of Klamath’s problems are many incorrect and damning assumptions. Primarily, they don’t feel that government should be involved in economic development at all. No local organization, no government funding. This explains why, more than anything else, Klamath’s economy stayed bad while Whitsett, Linthicum, and their other allied cohort, Ted Mallams were in office. The solution to everything in their view is to reduce everything government, especially regulations. If they truly believe that, why then, did they do absolutely nothing to this effect when they controlled of Klamath County? They even had Jim Bellet with them, a construction lifer. With that unanimous majority, it would have been so easy for them to roll back the oppressive codes and practices that were added over the decade before their tenure which recently makes it so costly and difficult to build anything. In their greatest feckless spasm of ineptitude, they failed to demonstrate even the slightest progress on their one and only idea to improve the business climate.

Here is reality: For the past 30 years, every instance where a large manufacturer has decided to locate in Klamath, state, local and sometimes federal funds were used for incentives. In each instance, the local government and economic development affiliates were involved in outreach, research, site development, and logistical support. When Klamath doesn’t have enough resources to compete in the incentive game, manufacturers DO NOT locate here. State government keeps Klamath on a possibilities list and has paraded dozens of good opportunities through Klamath over the past decade, but we’ve landed none of those job-creating opportunities.

Klamath is competing against other site locations that offer incentives. Period. If we don’t exceed the incentives our competitors are offering, we lose. If it became illegal for everyone in this country, or world for that matter, to offer incentives, then we could begin to entertain the notion of economic development without government subsidies. That’s a long way off, if not impossible. Even if it happened, without incentives how would a rural town in Klamath offset the factors a larger municipal area offers automatically by virtue of their scale? Anyone who thinks a rural area can compete on an equal basis for manufacturing with an urban area is incredibly naive, stupid, or both. Let’s just call it ignorance.

Ignorance is the main reason Klamath is one of the worst economies in Oregon. When that ignorance is carried by your elected officials, every person’s quality of life and economic opportunity languishes in ruin.

2. Who’s the Tryant?

Samuel Adams, not Linthicum Klamath voters.

“When the people are universally ignorant, and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders.” – Samuel Adams (This exact quote is prominent on Whitsett and Linthicum’s website)

This is one of many such quotes they plaster their website with, all of which seem to extol the virtues of liberty and freedom from tyranny. It seems ironic that someone so mired in such talk can’t seem to walk it. Linthicum unabashedly publishes a website filled with rhetorical propaganda that promotes ignorance.

On his sites and blogs, he suggests he somehow filed for office just before deadline without knowing that Whitsett would be withdrawing after the filing deadline. That’s an unlikely coincidence. Is it also coincidental that Whitsett just happened to accidentally seed Linthicum with hefty contributions from the campaign fund he needed to empty? Just a coincidence he happened to do this just before and after the primary election?

Tyrants lie to their people and are not bound by ethics because they bully and intimidate opposition. They will do anything to gain power, including rigging elections and cloaking their misdeeds with extreme propaganda. Tyrants are interested in keeping the people poor so they remain dependent. Through his statements and actions, Linthicum qualifies as tyrannical.

3. Largest campaign fund

Special interests don’t give a shit about Klamath, they care only about buying influence from those most likely to win elections. In close races they contribute to both sides. They’ve been writing blind checks to the primary Republican nominee in Klamath for so long, even the candidate most hated by locals receives enough funding to handily win. As much as Klamathites may “think” they are smart, as a group we are not. The evidence rests with how easily the mass voting base is swayed by advertising. In our rural areas with limited media options, just about everyone gets their information from the few media outlets that exist. The only path to free publicity is controversy, and if there isn’t enough of it, advertising is the only way people make voting decisions. Sure, there’s the internet, but it doesn’t offer much of substance for the person who works for a living and needs a quick, trusted summary of what is going on. Most voters aren’t aware of the opinions and information in this site because it is like a grain of sand among the world’s beaches, independent and unaffiliated with big money or mass media. The Internet is too much work, much of it hidden in a sea of garbage, and people are lazy or tired. For these reasons, in every Klamath senate race for the past 50 years ore more, the candidate with the largest campaign budget always won. The trend continues. A lot of people will have to be seriously pissed off to offset the campaign fund problem in this race and there isn’t enough awareness to generate enough angst to compel everyone to ignore all that paid media programming from the Linthicum campaign and the Republican Party affiliates.

If Linthicum wins (against your will) be sure to channel that energy to take revenge on the contributors you can easily find on the State of Oregon database referenced above.

4. Linthicum is morally corrupt.

To this point, there was a pious and misleading statement Linthicum issued on his joint website following the primary election:

“Voters preferred incumbents by wide margins in partisan races. Just the opposite was true in partisan primaries. From Walden, to McLane, to Linthicum and Reschke (seen as the replacements/incumbents for the Whitsetts), these Republican incumbents enjoyed large-margin victories. Even though Linthicum and Reschke were outspent between 4-5 to 1, the Republican voters were clear in wanting to keep the status quo for U.S. and State offices.”

Seriously? Nobody can contradict themselves so many times with such blatant trickery and not be viewed as corrupt.

How can someone who registered the day before the filing deadline claim to be victorious and/or outspent in an election where there were no opponents listed on the ticket? The reality was write-ins received an amazing number of votes, because they usually never account for more than a few percent. 22% of the Republicans hated Linthicum enough to somehow remember other candidates names and figure out where to write them in.

In a different post, it was claimed that there was no foreknowledge that Whitsett would pull out of the election, yet in the same post on the Whitsett/Linthicum site, Linthicum is touted as “seen as the replacements/incumbents for the Whitsetts.” Since Linthicum sponsors the website, he is influential, a contributor and endorses everything there, essentially talking about himself in the third-person. That’s crazy talk. If a psychologist witnessed someone behaving in this way they’d label Linthicum a psychopath because he actually seems to believe what he spews and has no apparent feedback mechanism keeping him in check. Every conclusion in posts such as this are either untrue or completely without basis.

Follow the money, look at the evidence that can be found in the required filings and the chain of events. Linthicum has always been buddies in close alignment with Whitsett. Together they hatched a plan to legally rig the election. For many years they have been spouting shameful propaganda that insults the intelligence of every voter in Klamath along with the remainder of Senate District 28.

Being the Republican nominee in a largely ignorant region and possessing a huge campaign fund seeded by the outgoing incumbent that became a fat xmas tree by virtue of party affiliation receiving donations from outside organizations and end-of-term affiliate incumbents emptying their coffers…it is most likely that no matter how pissed off or how much a handful of voters despise him, Linthicum will be elected anyway.

As an incumbent, it will be difficult to unseat this jackass in four years, but hopefully this mess will catalyze such an effort. Did we learn anything yet? Did the devotion to the Republican party help anyone in Klamath this year? Did trusting an incumbent protect anyone? Should we perhaps be looking into more drastic measures, such as mandatory term limits of one term only, to ensure it will always be a level playing field in the future?

Save yourselves, save Klamath for fuck sake…

This is not a suggestion to embrace Democrats. If you desire a political climate that is coherent, ban both of these meddling organizations and their endless rhetoric that has little to do with anything relevant to Klamathites. Think for yourselves. Judge candidates by their individual merits or lack thereof. Actively work and vote against these two dominating parties and look for the simplest of indicators of corruption in any candidate: vote against the candidate with the largest campaign fund. And stop allowing these people to amass power and turn politics into their own profit center: never reelect them or let them in offices upstream!