The sheer volume of stupid tricks the City pulls on property owners and businesses would be comical if it wasn’t so painful.

Recently an out-of-town building owner was assessed $75 for the City’s removal of snow from the City-owned sidewalk in front of his building. According to the summary of the charge–$32 of the fee had nothing to do with removing snow–it lined the budget for administration. Does it really cost $32 for a staff member to call or email their snow removal contractor?

The City passes the buck like this every time they get involved with shocking natural nuisances such as snow accumulation and runway grass growth. Normally, landlords pass the task of snow removal to their tenants, but alas, there are no tenants to hold to task in an area where City malfeasance has collapsed the business climate.

Through happenstance, buildings fortunate to be in locations where the City installed geothermal heat loops in the sidewalks averted this this problem. Government covers the costs associated with geothermal heating and there is substantial irony in this fact: the government essentially takes care of snow removal for free in geothermally-heated sidewalk areas, but forces private parties to remove snow or charge them for snow removal in places the City neglected to heat the sidewalks.

More ironic, the site where this fine was issued hosts a sidewalk that was installed nearly the same time as all the other geothermal versions, but the City failed to offer the same service. Instead, they spent over $300,000 on a small fountain/pond that requires constant maintenance. The City has developed no new parking near Pine Street, yet requires any business there to spend roughly $70 a year per employee for parking fees. For what? The parking fee doesn’t buy any access to parking because there area no City parking lots in the vicinity. Shouldn’t the City at least be covering snow removal with the parking fees tenants have paid for a service that doesn’t exist?

Yet another as story of incompetence sponsored by the clique of people who act perpetually mystified about Klamath’s dismal economy.