What an amazing hook: 300 days of sunshine a year (this is what marketeers say, but due to climate change, its been more like 200), lakes, pristine wilderness, free heat from geothermal, major telecommunications interchange, multi-modal transportation corridor, and a hub for power generation. Tourism still claims Klamath is the sunniest place around. They fail to mention that winter temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero are becoming common as climate change takes hold.

This page used to go on and on about how the depth of corruption at City and County levels. No longer.

We have a new hope in the form of a newly elected mayor and two new members on the city council and we two of the three county commissioners are new. Last election cycle, the county won a new female commissioner. So basically, the city and county leadership has been gutted and started over. This is extremely good news.

Now we wait. Will the new leadership make a difference? We’ll let you know.

Update 2018: City is getting better. You can only be the cheapest, shittiest property in Oregon for so long before everything else appreciates so much, some have no choice but to invest in Klamath’s cheap land. We still have Draconian building codes and in place at the City level that should not exist; still have a planning Department wasting money as a redundant function of what the County is already doing.

The County hasn’t improved much. The placeholders in office are less controversial, but they haven’t done much to reform or clean anything up. There remains a diabolically corrupt property assessment system in place, reprehensible building code restrictions (such as many sites in rural county banned from ordering electrical power).

Two con artists remain in office as the House and Senate representatives.

There is still much work to do.