Klamath County’s choice for a replacement for retiring Greg Walden? Cliff Bentz from LaGrande, notorious for going AWOL and walking out, rather than debating and voting on issues while serving in Salem as a State Senator. Bentz won the primary with 31% (11% higher than the next best). There were better candidates, even one from southern Oregon, but our resident brainiacs chose this gem of an uber-right cow-tipper for their representation. He won with 71% percent of the Klamath County votes in the general election. What a sad end to all the work Greg Walden did for the region for over 20 years. He was a stable, rational representative who would have most definitely NOT joined the recent coup attempt.

Bentz has consistently supported and defended his apparent political idol, Donald Trump. Bentz has his head so far up Trump’s ass, he can see Hannity in there.

His first act after being signed in? Join the insurrection to disrupt the presidential transition after a a fair and just election. Because of their actions, Trump and his enablers like Benz are ALL guilty of fomenting this rebellion. Today, these American right-wing protesters vandalized the capital, broke into Congress, and a life was lost after a woman was shot.

There’s a lot of chest thumping going on in the Klamath region among those who are afraid of being wrong, who can’t admit they voted for a mini-Hitler not once, but twice, and won’t disavow Bentz either. There’s nothing patriotic about any of this. Small minds, delusional insanity trailing into the abyss. The vastly UNAMERICAN attempted upheaval of our most patriotic and proud functions (the election process) and the subsequent disruption of the smooth transfer of power to a duly elected official.

Here’s documentation of Bentz actions as reported in the Eastern Oregonian.

Final point: If Bentz questions the validity of the national election, perhaps residents of Klamath should challenge the validity of our local election where the Republicans are allowed to select the heir-apparent during the primary. Since Republicans always win here, the general election becomes irrelevant. If there are any sane minds left in this region, they will initiate a recall of Bentz. By failing to read what was going on, by challenging without any solid evidence the sanctity of our fair election process, by aligning with tyrants immediately upon being sworn in, Bentz has already proved he isn’t fit for office.

Addendum 6:15 pm, 1/6/2021: Check out this article about the division of NW Republicans on protesting Electoral College vote. After today’s violence in the nation’s capitol, many Republicans who vowed to oppose validating the election have announced they are not going to pursue that course of action. It’s highly unlikely Bentz will go forward with his support in light of recent events and the retreat of his cohorts. Damage done. Time to eat crow.

Addendum 1/11/2021: Well, so much for anticipating any sort come-to-jesus epiphany of rationality from extreme right-wingers. Bentz went with the other insurrectionists and voted to overturn the election in PA. THIS IS IN DIRECT OPOSITION TO WHAT GREG WALDEN WOULD HAVE DONE, who is on record stating that the election was fair and we need to validate it and move on. This was reported in the Eastern Oregonian. Seriously, recall this idiot who still has Trump supporting comments in his website on this day. Here is a list of what’s still there on the Issues page of his website:

“Under President Trump’s leadership, the possibilities for our country’s future have expanded quickly and dramatically.”

“President Trump continues to lead our country in the right economic direction.”

“I applaud President Trump’s plan to update the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).”

“I will join President Trump in stopping illegal immigration by improving border security and by building/completing the wall.”

“I am looking forward to joining President Trump in Washington DC next year to help advance a pro-job, pro Oregon.”

“…supporting President Trump’s policies…”

“…until President Trump’s common sense rule making came along..”

What’s most disturbing here isn’t the opinions, but how Bentz leans on Trump as a thought leader. Bentz isn’t intelligent enough to jump off this sinking Titanic and that should cause great concern. He had plenty of time since the election to edit his website and remove all references to Trump, who has become nearly as unpopular as Hitler. The more people like Bentz keep this up, the worse it will be. Where’s the leadership for a new direction that stands a chance to hold solid debates with the Democrats? This ain’t it.