There’s a decent argument that the last presidential election sucked because it was a clear dilemma of voting for whom you disliked least; a choice (if you could call it that) between two candidates that were lined up by voters far from Klamath.

There’s a good point to be made that there’s really no influence Klamath has upon whomever is elected governor. Kate Brown would have never won an election on her own. Nobody really cares about the Secretary of State, that is until the shocking reality hits that the person that wasn’t on your radar is like a Vice President–automatically taking over the governorship should the person holding office resign, as did Kitzhaber.

The recent primary marked one of the lowest mid-term turnouts in memory because it was BORING! Nobody challenged incumbents. Why? Same reasons as anywhere else, the voting sheeple won’t let go of their narrow vision and can’t break their own cycle of dysfunction.

The ultimate proof of dedication to democracy isn’t limited to joining the armed forces: running for office is something far more people should do. Nobody likes sticking their neck out with no support and that’s where the local institutions come in. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will support a challenger to an incumbent, but they always support their prevailing shill. KCEDA, the Chamber of Commerce and sometimes Rotary get involved in sponsoring a candidate to give them a kick-start. KCEDA in particular has a long track record of pushing candidates to serve business and development interests. Where were they on this one? If any of these groups represented truly ethical conduct, they would have boldly brought forth from their ranks a serious candidate for the House seat. They did nothing.

Nobody challenged Kelly Minty Morris for County Commissioner. She’s done a fair job, not ruffled any feathers and didn’t enter office with a scandal, so it isn’t shocking, nor is it too terrible she’s still there.

INEXCUSIBLE is the re-election of Werner Reschke to the state house of Representatives. That was ALL Klamath Falls. 5,437 idiots voted to keep this unethical assclown in office. Although nobody filed to run against him…another shocker…there were still choices. If nobody had voted for him, one of the write-ins would have won instead. We’d be far better off with Mickey Mouse.

Foment against Klamath on this website had coasted for some time while letting everything settle down after the election two years ago when there were so many regime changes, all with the hope that things were getting better. This proves nothing is better.

Republicans are definitely not better than Democrats, evidenced by all the underhanded tricks they pull, playing the same games with incumbents. These are like two teams of myopic football players with cult followings lining up to butt heads. But unlike that game, this has severe consequences. The worst being the further erosion of the American ideal and the sanctity of democracy itself. The most batshit lunatics keep winning Klamath’s most influential high offices. Now whose fault is that?


Good job, those of you who voted for this jerk…you are the same old, predictably retarded voters you’ve always been. Congratulations on retaining political sewage.