What do bad people see when they look the mirror? Same as everyone else: a person who believes they are justified in their actions. The most despicable individuals in prison for violent crimes can mirror gaze without seeing a monster staring back, and apparently so can the extreme right-wing Republicans. These include your President Trump and the icons of the party, some of whom remain engaged in a feckless spasm of election disruption. Even your recently elected Senator Bentz, who seems to be cut from the same cloth, on record of supporting and often defending Trump. He may be an older gentleman, but he’s a virgin to Congress and will mingle most closely with those of his kind, the adle-minded, but devious schemers in the corner that nobody else wants to talk to.

The rest of us suspect that if we attempted to see this sort of Republican reflection in a mirror, there’d be nothing there, like a Nosferatu. Recent evidence suggests these types are insidious vampires, sucking the liberty from democracy in a near-coup to retain a con artist as president. We’ve heard of little or no dissention locally and this is a zero sum game. Silence is complicity. Guilt by association is automatic and the more this psycho game is played, the stronger the undertow that pulls down everything in this country so many have given their lives to preserve and protect.

Yesterday, President Trump pressured the Georgia Secretary of State to manipulate the electors so they would overturn his defeat. This and other bad things were recorded and they are posted in an article that summarizes the situation, which is probably illegal. Absorb this: A SITTING PRESIDENT USING THEIR POWER TO OVERTURN AN ELECTION IN THE USA.

Author Tom Nichols calls the Republican coup “Worse than treason.” For everyone that’s not with the delusional Republican faction, this is “Crossing a red line.”

And many leaders in the military have become concerned that either Trump will call upon the military to support him (as he already has), or that Congress will call upon them to intervene if Trump won’t leave. This prompted a response from all 10 living former defense secretaries: Involving the military in election disputes would cross into dangerous territory.

So here we are at the precipice. The Trump saga will hopefully end soon, but this ongoing retarded extreme right-wing diatribe must stop. Republicans still have a chance to change the narrative, not with more crazy talk, but by allowing the extremist sect to implode, digging a hole and collectively burying that horrible mess. We’d like to think the majority of Republicans aren’t with the crazies. Maybe they’d prefer a Republican party more like the Schwartzeneger style, cool as a superhero, rational and capable of supporting the second amendment while addressing climate damage with a coherent strategy that precludes the left wing from doing their worst. Further, moderate Republicans want birth control (which Bentz and his wife are against). Why do they want all forms of birth control? For the same reason other Republicans want limited immigration. Babies consume resources Republicans don’t want to pay for.