Update 2/8/2017: Admit to being wrong about Clinton becoming president. We weren’t wrong about her winning, she did win with 2 million more votes than Trump. Republicans still didn’t really get the candidate they wanted, but they are getting most of the administration they wanted. The lesson remains, but it doesn’t seem like Republicans have collectively learned anything. Our initial assessment about the opposite party being elected after two terms of opposition was probably still the greatest reason Trump won, in spite of being an unpopular candidate.

Back to the original article…

Kelley Minty Morris, the youngest person ever to be elected county commissioner, is smart and competent, but she would have never been elected if she had run against an incumbent. Nor would she likely be in office if she were running against a dozen or so contenders, such as those seeking office now or those vying for the post back in 2004.

Competency is typically not a deciding factor for Klamath’s voters. More often than not, political choices in Klamath have almost always favored older male conservatives. Morris was not old, not male and not conservative. She had one thing going for her: name recognition from her time as a reporter for a local television station. Even with that, she still wouldn’t have made it. She won the election because of the arch-conservative penchant for sponsoring the scariest people to run for office. Her two opponents came across as bat-shit nuts and were the antithesis of attractive. In politics, you can get away with being crazy or homely, but not both.

Don’t be shocked when November comes. The outcome should be clear to anyone who recalls the 2014 election in Klamath County. History is about to repeat itself on a much larger scale, and conservatives who don’t like it have only themselves to blame, for this pattern has been replicated throughout the country in recent years. The Klamath political majority–like the rest of the extreme right wing base–hasn’t been smart enough to overcome their own insanity. (Don’t be smug far-left liberals, you suck just as much as they do, though in different ways. That’s another story).

Know this Republicans: it’s over. The presidency should have been a slam dunk for you in 2016. The public typically gets sick of one extreme after two consecutive presidential terms and goes for the other. Americans almost always elect a president of the opposite party at that time. If anything, when that cycle is broken, it is in favor of a Republican, such as when Bush won the presidency after Reagan’s two terms. Check the recent pattern: Clinton-D, Bush-R, Obama-D. It is extremely rare for Democrats to retain the presidency after two full terms. In fact, this hasn’t happened since 1948.

Spoiler alert: Republicans–who should have won the presidency easily–are about to lose.

Republicans again sponsored extremists that appeared batshit nuts, just like when Morris became County Commissioner. For Klamath it turned out to be a good thing. Minty has proven to be the least crazy of the three commissioners in office today.

In the presidential race, for the Democrats it comes down to a fight between working-class people who really hate the banks after the 2008 bailout and the big money super pacs funding Clinton (which include banks). In almost all major political battles in this country, the candidate with the most campaign funds wins. Apparently, the American population is highly responsive to dumbed-down campaign advertising.

Though a female president would be something new, and wouldn’t normally make it this far, many democrats feel that a Hillary Clinton White House would operate similarly to that of Bill Clinton, who lorded over the strongest economic growth in the past 40 years. When the democrats go to the polls, will they side with a radical, unknown quantity just to spank the banks? Or will they choose someone who feels somewhat familiar even if she is a woman; who was associated with a successful, stable and safe presidency?

Hillary Clinton will be the next president, and this would not have been possible had the Republican party supported better candidates early on. Rand Paul would have been a good choice to beat Clinton, but he was forced out of the circus early by the nutjobs supporting the far right.

Load up on prozac Republicans, your worst nightmare is about to play out. And don’t forget that your state is currently being led by a lesbian Governor. You should probably double-dose. Retreat to your prescription drug haze and alcohol binges in your lamentation of the cascading failures within your party. One day perhaps you will realize what you must do to stabilize your party: it will be evident when you divorce the extreme right from your ranks, for you have no future if you stay together.

Democrats have been in control of the Oregon Governor’s office for nine consecutive terms. The last Republican governor left office in 1975. Isn’t that some indication that Republicans in this state are clueless? Curious about how to win in the future? Review the playbook of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was manly, not unattractive, fiscally conservative, gun-loving, but moderate in most other areas. Most importantly: he was pro-choice. This is the only sort of Republican candidate for Governor that would have a chance in Oregon; and it happens to be the same formula the for addressing the national quagmire.