apathydemoA sleepy, quaint, rural town. That’s the way we like it. Got it.

Not so quiet though, with the eardrum-busting military aircraft and the parade of roaring stream of locomotives blasting their foghorns throughout the night. Actually….does anything work right in Klamath Falls? Or is it just an evil parallel universe that bends and contorts rational actions into dysfunctional mutations that haunt everyone into oblivion?

The 2012 election cycle brought new promises and assurances from the cronies that were ultimately re-elected (along with their spouses in some cases–you may barf in your mouth now), but none of those posts have brought any of the progress promised. That wasn’t too surprising because that’s what happens when incumbents reign. The anticipated bright spot was Klamath County, where two new commissioners were elected. That new blood was supposed to unify the three positions on a new, solid economic recovery agenda as far as conservatism goes. That’s what everyone thought Klamath needed: a solid group who understood business enough to commit to reducing fees, streamlining procedures (in the building department), rolling back requirements and operating a lean, mean county government. So far, only the mean part came true and seven months in a correct universe would be ample time to see results.

It’s as if the county had no turnover. Everything seems to be exactly the same. No changes in rules and regs so many hoped would roll back to a decade or more ago when building a home was easier. No new businesses, no changes in business climate. And looming in front of the County offices one can still see that damned bucket effigy used to symbolize the water crisis. Oh yeah….with water being the only issue the new crew (as well as the old) give or gave a damn about…water flow to irrigators was still restricted in 2013. So none of the drum-beating, effigy-touting, contrarian posturing has made a damned bit of difference on the one issue the Commissioners publicly talked about and allegedly worked on.

How long can the leadership operate in denial and with impunity? At least with a belligerent alcoholic there is eventually a rock-bottom. This malaise seems endless. There should be an Alanon support group from those of us recovering from political fallout or the oppressive whip of obedience to the mundane.

A “no change” agenda would be wonderful if Klamath had ever been a nice, quiet, efficient, prosperous place to live. That would make sense entirely. By all means, keep the Norman Rockwell feeling alive forever. Unfortunately, Klamath, during the last 30 years has not come close to resembling a hamlet with its act together. There’s nothing to save from change. Nothing will be better until a large number of people expire from train horn or fighter jet stress, or come to the collective realization that nothing good can come without change. More than that, every single person in Klamath needs to demand it. Doing nothing is not better. It is simply dying slowly in greater pain than necessary.