There’s news here, and opinions, unfettered from the pressures of commerce that often stifle free speech in mass media. Media conglomerates are designed to make money and none are based in Klamath, so they peddle distant influences.

Webster’s Definitions of News:

  1. A report of recent events; previously unknown information; something having a specified influence or effect.
  2. Material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscast; matter that is newsworthy. 
  3. Newscast; something that is new or exciting.

These are old definitions from a time before Internet invaded every facet of society. These days, most of our news finds us through the Internet, so the allusion to newspapers or sit-down newscasts is outdated. Nonetheless, any silo or source focused on conveying information others may be unaware of functions as a news source. Some are more credible than others, but it is certain that any site sharing factual information can be considered a news source.

A certain semi-literate orangutan has promoted a meme about so-called “fake news.” There’s no such thing. News is news. If it isn’t based on an actual item or event, we call that fiction. Information presented as true that was known to be falsified is called a lie, or is also known as fraudulent.

There is news presented herein. There are also a lot of opinions, but they are most always presented with newsworthy facts to support an argument.

This site will post any well-written piece that checks out, exposes corruption, greed, disrupts quality of life, enlightens about bad practices, or calls out actions or policies that are plain stupid.