At first this site rode the visitation curve from when it was a happy, positive venue. There was much toil involved in those former great accomplishments. Since this site has never been keen on ad exploitation, it has never supported itself. However, even with great attractions such as a live main street webcam running continuously, it was never as popular as it became after turning whistle blower.

When the businesses that supported this site failed, the baneful reality came crashing down. How many people were responsible for the demise? Who were the scavengers? The jackals who stole ideas and markets, the tyrants who used their status to degrade? They all fed on the remains of the businesses and souls they killed, public and private alike. Thus, the epiphany: if nobody has your back or will stand up for you when you are being a model citizen; if all anyone cares about is frenzied consumption, then shining light on truth is its own reward. Ah…freedom to let it fly. Thank you Internet.

A person can carve out a decent existence in Klamath by kissing the community’s collective ass, but the leadership ensures that complaints are met with extreme opposition, kin to banishment. There is a silent majority that won’t speak out because they fear retaliation. Raising issues that seem negative–and what problem doesn’t–is a one way trip to oblivion. Open criticism can’t be sustained while earning a living in this community.

Nobody wants to complain. People are brought to that level through a desperation to correct injustice. The reward? A different satisfaction. Liberty thrives on the corpse of anarchy and martyrs seldom profit from their sacrifice. The public always acts like ghoulish zombies in this regard.

This site fluctuates from 1,500 visitors per month and peaks a few times a year at over 70,000 unique visitors. It depends on which topics are trending. When the visitor count exceeds the Klamath population, it is because we’ve touched on an issue that has far-reaching implications.