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Klamath County’s Continued Property Con

By: admin |
January 28 2019 22:10

“…from my cold, dead hands.” Charlton Heston’s passionate quote about gun rights could also be applied to how government seems to feel about relinquishing ANY […]

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Klamath County Scams Property Tax

By: admin |
November 11 2017 22:57

Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but we accept it with the understanding that the taxes are fair and just. Property tax is a mainstay that most […]

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Chamber of Commerce Uselessness

By: admin |
March 31 2017 23:29

Complacent acceptance must ebb from the same rote stupor as so many rituals lingering in our common minds. Get up, get ready, warm up the […]

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New County Commissioners Disappoint from Get-Go

By: admin |
January 6 2017 0:20

It would have been so wonderful to offer nothing but praise for the new County leadership: all they had to do was think and act […]

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Klamath’s Rigged Primary Election

By: admin |
May 12 2016 22:08

The greatest insult to an American flag isn’t burning it. Far more shocking is when someone you trusted—in this country—in a position of power metaphorically […]

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County Leadership: Hope for Change

By: admin |
May 10 2016 2:59

IN ALLAH WE TRUST  Imagine seeing that painted on the walls of the Klamath County Courthouse. The only group this would not offend are Muslims. […]

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What’s our government (NOT) smoking?

By: admin |
March 14 2016 20:41

Call it proof of (insert word here): stupidity, arrogance, dysfunction, denial, oppression. The decisions and actions Klamath County and the City of Klamath Falls have […]

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Klamath’s Futile Ineptitude Harms Economy

By: admin |
June 24 2014 4:07

The water wars. Guess what? Agriculture has lost the irrigation battle. The rest of the economy continues to suffer damage for a collective failure to understand […]

Klamath Good Old Boys

By: admin |
November 16 2013 3:09

We recently heard someone talking about how the new City Manager is circumventing the “good ‘ol boy network” in Klamath Falls. Ironically, the person who said […]

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Corruption hiding in Klamath Falls?

By: admin |
November 5 2013 21:01

Sometimes you can learn more from what someone doesn’t say than what they say. This also applies to government. Most people think the little city of […]

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The Spacially Challenged

By: admin |
October 18 2012 19:43

There are a set of behaviors that seem to be more pronounced in Klamath than other places. In general, many more of the people out […]

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