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Wash My Windshield

By: admin |
March 17 2013 19:27

You’d think that the Oregon law requiring gas stations to hire people to pump gas would also ensure someone washes your windshield while the attendant […]

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Are you a Terrorist?

By: admin |
March 14 2013 20:18

Government thinks you may be a terrorist and they remind you of this constantly. What would have been shocking a few decades ago has faded […]

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Windows 8 Sucks

By: admin |
February 25 2013 21:38

The title of this article likely surprises no one. However, this posting is to help save consummate early adopters from wasting their money on the hope that […]

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Don’t Warm Up Your Car

By: admin |
February 16 2013 17:32

Klamath’s air inversions wreak havoc with air quality. In the denser neighborhoods, especially on days when air doesn’t rise and circulate, exhaust from an idling […]

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The Blind Spot

By: admin |
February 2 2013 20:57

“You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.” This is such an appropriate saying and a song for our times, but to miss something, one […]

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Thanks Again! National Guard

By: admin |
January 10 2013 1:37

We counted no less than 11 low-level flights with full afterburners through the most populated area of Klamath today. As mentioned in an earlier post […]

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Snow Worries

By: admin |
January 9 2013 0:04

The snowflakes fell in erie silence that Saturday morning–December 16, to be exact–the first snow accumulation of the year. It had been snowing since Friday […]

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The Truth

By: admin |
December 14 2012 1:22

Get one thing straight: lies are not being told on this site. It may be tedious to sort opinion from a fact, but we provide […]

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New City Manager Challenged

By: admin |
December 12 2012 0:37

The Klamath Falls City Council has selected Nathan Cherpeski to replace Jim Hunter (police chief) who has been acting manager since the abrupt departure of […]

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Boat House Status

By: admin |
December 9 2012 20:06

Land Grant DeedBoat House Status On Monday, December 3, 2012, the livelihood of Kevin and Carol Westfall was balanced precariously on a request to the […]

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Grinch ChristmASS

By: admin |
December 6 2012 20:51

We took this photo at a Home Depot in northern California in November. It boggles the mind for incorrectness, how it could have been allowed […]

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Klamath Boat House Meeting Update

By: admin |
December 2 2012 1:37

It was not an easy meeting to find on that cold November evening, primarily because staff failed to post it on the City’s website where all the […]

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Klamath Two Face

By: admin |
November 28 2012 20:56

It’s amazing that an area surrounded with as much water as Klamath Falls has no eatery space where locals and visitors can congregate to enjoy the […]

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Abandon Hope Klamath Falls

By: admin |
November 15 2012 19:18

“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here,” translated from Dante’s Divine Comedy, 1814. Through me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you […]

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Bucket Pissed – Klamath

By: admin |
November 2 2012 6:32

Enough playing around children, it’s time to take your bucket out of the sandbox and put it away. For twelve years Klamathites have been parading […]

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The Horrors of Klamath’s Real World

By: admin |
October 31 2012 19:34

Follow these points: Klamath has the highest teen pregnancy in the country. Klamath has no Planned Parenthood. Klamath consistently elects ultra-conservatives to public office. The […]

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