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Bad Politics Featuring Linthicum

By: admin |
July 15 2019 23:16

Recently (June 20, 2019) eleven state senators went AWOL ten days before the scheduled end of the legislative session. They said it was to protest […]

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IT COULD HAPPEN! This blog will go away…if

By: admin |
October 30 2016 22:04

Sometime in the past year, an editor at the newspaper monopoly groused about websites that portay Klamath negatively. This site wasn’t referenced directly, no doubt […]

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Klamath Voters Beware: Linthicum

By: admin |
October 22 2016 17:47

As anyone walking in rattlesnake country knows, what can harm you most is what you don’t see. Fangs and venom of rattlesnakes are well-known and […]

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