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Bad Politics Featuring Linthicum

By: admin |
July 15 2019 23:16

Recently (June 20, 2019) eleven state senators went AWOL ten days before the scheduled end of the legislative session. They said it was to protest […]

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Another Boom for Klamath Gone Bust

By: admin |
April 13 2017 21:17

Klamath’s home grown wood products company and largest private employer was recently purchased by a Canadian investment firm who moved the corporate headquarters from Klamath […]

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Chamber of Commerce Uselessness

By: admin |
March 31 2017 23:29

Complacent acceptance must ebb from the same rote stupor as so many rituals lingering in our common minds. Get up, get ready, warm up the […]

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Jeld-Wen Goes Public

By: admin |
January 28 2017 20:02

Now anyone can buy stock in the largest door and window manufacturer in the world. Quite an accomplishment for a company with humble beginnings in […]

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Election Results 2016 – Klamath, State of Or

By: admin |
November 13 2016 21:11

We’re providing a better summary of election results for everyone frustrated that nobody else has aggregated the high points in one convenient location. KLAMATH COUNTY […]

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Kellstrom and Hart’s Worst Decision –

By: admin |
November 3 2016 17:33

Recently the most compelling downtown historical facade went away as the tears of those who admired it rained like acid. There should have been a […]

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IT COULD HAPPEN! This blog will go away…if

By: admin |
October 30 2016 22:04

Sometime in the past year, an editor at the newspaper monopoly groused about websites that portay Klamath negatively. This site wasn’t referenced directly, no doubt […]

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Klamath’s Rigged Primary Election

By: admin |
May 12 2016 22:08

The greatest insult to an American flag isn’t burning it. Far more shocking is when someone you trusted—in this country—in a position of power metaphorically […]

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County Leadership: Hope for Change

By: admin |
May 10 2016 2:59

IN ALLAH WE TRUST  Imagine seeing that painted on the walls of the Klamath County Courthouse. The only group this would not offend are Muslims. […]

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What’s our government (NOT) smoking?

By: admin |
March 14 2016 20:41

Call it proof of (insert word here): stupidity, arrogance, dysfunction, denial, oppression. The decisions and actions Klamath County and the City of Klamath Falls have […]

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Klamath Bumped From Highest Ranking

By: admin |
October 1 2015 22:04

Klamath Falls remains in the top three, but has lost top rank, moving to number two in the list of the Oregon cities where the most people […]

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To Newspaper: Stop Helping Burglars

By: admin |
December 12 2014 21:03

The First Amendment of the US Constitution establishes the freedom of the press, but it does little to protect citizens from tyranny of the press. […]

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Politics, the Community College, and an Alternate

By: admin |
November 4 2014 22:51

Community College? What of it? What does the college have to do with anything in politics or the economy? Bear with us, the point will […]

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Klamath’s Futile Ineptitude Harms Economy

By: admin |
June 24 2014 4:07

The water wars. Guess what? Agriculture has lost the irrigation battle. The rest of the economy continues to suffer damage for a collective failure to understand […]

Beware CenturyLink

By: admin |
June 14 2014 1:28

If you are familiar with the tale of Alice in Wonderland, take a moment to ponder whether Alice would have entered the rabbit hole with […]

Communists Support County Administrator

By: admin |
December 10 2013 6:17

Think for a moment about all the nasty things that you wish would go away: junk mail, spam, phone solicitors, the flu, hemorrhoids. The list […]

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Klamath Good Old Boys

By: admin |
November 16 2013 3:09

We recently heard someone talking about how the new City Manager is circumventing the “good ‘ol boy network” in Klamath Falls. Ironically, the person who said […]

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