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Klamath County’s Continued Property Con

By: admin |
January 28 2019 22:10

“…from my cold, dead hands.” Charlton Heston’s passionate quote about gun rights could also be applied to how government seems to feel about relinquishing ANY […]

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Klamath Boat House Meeting Update

By: admin |
December 2 2012 1:37

It was not an easy meeting to find on that cold November evening, primarily because staff failed to post it on the City’s website where all the […]

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Abandon Hope Klamath Falls

By: admin |
November 15 2012 19:18

“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here,” translated from Dante’s Divine Comedy, 1814. Through me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you […]

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Bucket Pissed – Klamath

By: admin |
November 2 2012 6:32

Enough playing around children, it’s time to take your bucket out of the sandbox and put it away. For twelve years Klamathites have been parading […]

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