The primary targets of the blogs are entities of power or influence who do harm.  Much of what we oppose is beyond bad…it is evil. Every religious person has a sense of evil (which doesn’t cut it because the edicts in many religions serve the definition of evil), so we turn to a better, non-religious explanation that comes to us from the famed psychologist Philip Zimbardo (he made all those great psychology classes for public television that have run for three decades).

“Evil is the exercise of power to intentionally harm, hurt, destroy or commit crimes against humanity.”

Humanity in this definition is the entire society, a community, or an act against an individual. Sadly, many people in Klamath doing evil have convinced themselves they are not. This is a direct result of support from the clans that elevated their status and the righteousness that binds their disproportionately inflated egos.

A second form of evil is beyond Zimbardo’s assessment of harmful actions being intentional. We’re going to call this Selective Ignorance, in which a person intentionally avoids seeking or accepting any input that would compel them to face the reality that their actions or inactions are evil.

The  third form of evil we oppose is Participatory Evil. These people participate in the implementation and expansion of evil actions. They have common excuses like, “It’s my job, “I’m following orders,” or “Everybody else is doing it.” The judicial system views a robbery getaway car driver an accomplice to a crime. So we consider anyone carrying out unjust and harmful (but not necessarily illegal) acts to be an accomplice of evil. There are always choices. There are always options other means to survive in this world that do not involve harming others.

Ignorance and collusion have never been just cause for actions that assist those who harm others. What begins as deceit in order to achieve a goal (aka subterfuge) too easily explodes into genocide when a mob is unified. At first, nobody celebrating a populist political party in 1936 considered the subversive actions of their new government anything that warranted serious concern. After the holocaust, those looking back felt ashamed for backing an organization that ended up killing 50 million people. No one thought that the hatred between two groups (not unlike our Republicans and Democrats) would fuel the massacre of 1 million Tutsis by Hutu forces in Rwanda in 1996. Or the 1994 Genocide in Bosnia resulting in 102,000 deaths and 50,000 rapes. How ignorant were the supporters of the actions of Mao Zedong when he rose to power in 1949? 63 million deaths are linked to his early communist regime. Or Joseph Stalin who eliminated up to 60 million people after WW II.

You see, evil acts have a tendency to escalate once the climate for corruptive oppression ensues. All cases of the worst behavior in humanity began with narrow-minded contempt for the situation and rights of others. Similar to how scientists attribute the source of hurricanes being the subtle wake of a random butterfly near the equator, so too the seemingly subtle evils brewing locally are the harbinger of destruction of the lifestyle we take for granted.

Lock these types of evil in your mind as you read the blogs and discover who the perpetrators and collaborators are. If you don’t resist them, the evil you empowered through inaction will come for you. If you don’t recognize the nature of what lurks in Klamath, you can’t begin to resist.