No fun if you are the house being buzzed with afterburners!

We counted no less than 11 low-level flights with full afterburners through the most populated area of Klamath today. As mentioned in an earlier post devoted to the subject, the Guard has the option to route the jets through areas that do not disturb the public so much, and once did, but for some reason abandoned that practice. The rule also use to be no afterburners until at least 30 miles away from Klamath Falls.

Do you people in charge hate the taxpayers so much? They must really hate Klamathites, which makes no sense with the City giving the Guard use of the land the base sits on for only $1 a year.

Remember folks, they are spending over $7,000 per hour to run those planes in ways that unnecessarily diminish your quality of life. They must have shifted the war on terror to the war on the people.