Local news. Yeah, right.

The Herald and News, the “local” newspaper is owned by a media conglomerate in Seattle, WA. The Herald and News owns the Nickel Ads.

The prominent local television station is owned and operated from Eugene.

The other television station from Medford and Beyond.

These media sources spend a lot of effort and time spewing propaganda that they are concerned with local matters. How could they be if those that control them are elsewhere, along with most of their human resources.

So what? Its still news, right? Partly, but not of the type that we used get when media was truly local.

The media we see resembles the Jerry Springer show more than anything else. Amped up drama designed to generate the sort of ire and voyeurism that proves the numbers that sell advertising to large accounts. The prices to advertise are high because there isn’t any local competition and the locals can’t afford to advertise at the rates the conglomerates sell to other conglomerates.

Local media of the old school type seeks to correct injustices while non-local media tends to inflate them.

Take our newspaper, for example. It can’t decide whether it should sell subscriptions or ads. So it tries to do both. The problem is the objectives are at odds with each other. Newspapers are savvy psychologists. They know that people respond with inane curiosity to stories that play on primal urges. Fear being the most powerful. They’ve had a long and obvious penchant for reporting crime. Crime scares people. People feel safer if they know what kind of crime is being committed, so they buy newspapers. People love to feel they are superior to others, so they love gossip. It helps tear down people who might otherwise be considered upstanding.

From time to time real news slips through, but the vast majority of the media coverage is borrowed from elsewhere…from national syndicates, freelancers-at-large. That sort of news is certainly not local.

When some upstart attempts to start a new local media resource, especially a print one, the holding company in charge doesn’t want to see its market share erode, so it launches an attrition campaign, reducing advertising rates long enough to put the new entrant out of business.

And there’s the rub. This is as much the fault of the local advertisers as the foreign-owned media. It is the same philosophy that fuels Wal-Mart. Give the people cheap trash at the lowest cost and they will always shop with you, even if your product is inferior.

The real problem here is we, as humans, can’t overcome our ancient caveman programming. We have convinced ourselves of our own righteousness, so we don’t question why we respond the way we do. We don’t look at the long-term, big picture. We seen an opportunity, we slay it and consume it, damn the consequences. We fail to understand our own programming, but the media types do. They press invisible buttons and pull invisible strings within our psyche to control us…and we let them…because we are too ignorant to discern what is happening.

In the end, we fall in alignment with the media con, just the way they want us to because we are unable to change our behaviors or understand what lies beneath them.