Get one thing straight: lies are not being told on this site.

It may be tedious to sort opinion from a fact, but we provide ways to differentiate. We avoid posting rumors, but if we have evidence from two sources and still can’t verify directly, we will state in the post that it is a rumor. Much of what we do here is a more detailed and thoughtful analysis of misdeeds than you will find anywhere else, all of which is based on testimony, factual observations and direct observation in Klamath.

Our fundamental hope is that people are not so intellectually lazy or chronically self-deluded; that they will attempt to verify an allegation before making narrow summary judgments. Nobody is more shocked about what goes on in Klamath than we are, and we risk personal safety, donating much time and effort to correct many wrongs. What our so-called leaders don’t understand is that nobody wants to complain. Complaints emerge from pain, from desperation and from a general feeling of being treated unfairly. It requires far more energy to complain than to do nothing, but when some people feel they have been treated unjustly, there is a civic duty to raise awareness in the form of complaints to generate positive change. Our leaders would rather kill the martyrs than correct injustices they speak of.

Sources often place themselves at great risk when they submit a tip for investigation. We have a huge backlog of tips to investigate, and can focus on only the most pressing. It would be immoral to harm a source to make a point, so we protect those who request anonymity.  Even so, what is posted here as fact is verifiable through other sources or the people we write about who would be happy to share their account directly if naysayers would just ask. What drags a community down are the people who refuse to consider the possibility that their sheltered world has limited their awareness. Skepticism is good. People should question the government and mass media that often tells lies by omitting truths.

For example, in a recent article entitled, “Are City Codes Harming Businesses?” it seemed like the paper was concerned about honestly addressing the question. However, the article proved anything but. The evidence is clearly visible to any skeptic, obvious by who they interviewed and who they did not. The paper interviewed city staff we have shown to be part of the problem, and we have proven they often distort the truth. The only other people interviewed were some engineering consultants who do large road projects. Those firms must work with the City on a regular basis and the last thing they are going to do in the press is invoke contempt that will make their jobs more difficult by flaming passive-aggressive staff with a penchant for revenge. As the magnet for information in possession of huge archives that hold many accounts of businesses that ended because of City policies, the truth the paper withheld is the same as a series of lies. But for some reason, because they are the “local paper” most people believe everything they read there.

We talk about subversion a lot here. The action of supporting an agenda you know is doing harm is evil (see what we mean by that in the “targets” link in the menu above). Is subversion a lie? While lies are often involved, the situation is usually set up to use one small truth to hide many contradictory truths.

Do this thought experiment:

You lose a dollar in a room. Someone finds and hides that dollar under a couch cushion where they can retrieve it later. You ask that person if they have your dollar. They say, “No, I don’t have your dollar.”

Are they lying? Technically, no. That’s subversion.

Is it truth? No–not in the broader mind of most reasonable people–because of what they knew and didn’t tell you.

People and organizations that act subversively are not valid or reasonable resources for truth. Since every person has, at times in their life, engaged in subversive behavior, it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand that those who fear losing power and influence take subversive action more often and on a larger scale, for power is the highest motivator in most of humanity’s worst conduct.

Still Don’t Believe?

These same people who don’t believe us are saying everyone should seek the truth from the evildoers we are exposing. That’s like telling a Polish citizen in 1934 that they should not fear Germany after the non-aggression pact between the two countries was signed. They might have said, “Hitler really cares about Europe, if you’d just talk to him you’d understand, but if you talk to any Nazi official they’ll show you the facts. They will all be happy to explain how the contract they signed with Poland will forever ensure peace between the countries because that is what Nazis want.”

In 1938, Poland and Germany signed a trade agreement that further affirmed the peace promised in the non-aggression pact. In 1939, Germany violated the agreements and invaded Poland.

We really hate to bring up the over-used metaphor of Nazis to make the point about what is going on in Klamath Falls, but our experience has proven that subtle examples are ineffective in Klamath. To that end, we reference the similarly obvious defects that occurred when blind, trusting assumptions fueled the most obvious and deadly genocide in world history. Six million people died in Poland alone as a direct result of Europe’s inability to recognize Nazi subversion tactics. Those same tactics won the support of the German people, most of which were opposed to Hitler’s regime, but couldn’t stop it (out of fear of death) once it was in motion.

Less Shocking than the Shock Believed

Is anything we say here truly harder to believe than what can be found in headlines of the local newspaper? Isn’t it far more shocking that people were murdered in the hotel across from Veteran’s Park downtown? Is it less shocking that the teen pregnancy rate is 35% higher than the rest of the state and nation, or that a patron of one of the top senior care facilities in Klamath shot and killed the female director in charge? How about the fact that in broad daylight, Sister Helen Chaska (in her habit) was raped and strangled to death with her Rosary on the most popular walking trail in downtown Klamath Falls? We have so much murder here, the Herald and News routinely recalls the shocking details in summary articles, such as “Top ten Murderers of Klamath.” (The title was something to this effect, we can’t quote it exactly because the paper is apparently so ashamed of their work, they ensure their content is not readily searchable online and doesn’t help libraries by making their archive accessible like the Oregonian does).

Nobody wants to believe their trusted institutions are morally deficient and capable of the cruelty we expose, but they are. Victims said they wouldn’t have believed until it happened to them. These organizations are built upon human imperfection. They create the illusion that their systems benevolently control the behavior of their staff. Where people are involved, there are no assurances, and the more people you collect under an umbrella of power and influence, the more extreme and shocking are the behaviors and actions behind the trim view of public perception. Their actions may not be as alarming as rape and murder (sometimes it is just that), but they are harming innocent people with consistency, legally or unchallenged in many cases.

We remain perplexed how anyone can question some the facts we have referenced.

If you don’t believe there are children in Klamath Falls dying of chronic diseases or birth defects that were influenced by drug or alcohol abuse, all you need to do is contact Dornbecher’s Children’s Hospital at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. They can tell you they do indeed treat children from Klamath.

If you don’t believe so many children are being horribly abused, talk to any social service case officer (not a manager).

If you don’t believe there is prostitution in Klamath, you can easily find prostitutes using Craigslist to generate clients here.

If you don’t believe that (contrary to local paper editorials) residents include a strong economy in their values and the high crime rate that threatens residents is stymied by City actions that harm businesses and investment, there are mountains of research and data generated by the former Oregon Progress Board in Salem to prove it. Start with the foundation document from the early 90s, “The Circle of Prosperity,” in Oregon Shines.

If you don’t believe the City is lying about the Boat House jeopardizing Moore Park, read the deed that conveyed the property to the City. This will confirm the quote we posted here is true. It is so easy to do. See the link in the last Boat House post.

Please DO be skeptical, but centering all that skepticism on is unwarranted. We invite you to verify our information for yourself; share what you learn with others. It is seriously not worth our time to make anything up. We are not the harbingers of suppression, oppression and social injustice, but we are a small voice fighting them. Be skeptical of your government, your newspaper, your mass media, your politicians, and anyone that has something to gain by acting subversive. By any moral code, that’s where the bulk of the lies are warehoused and you will never learn the truth by asking a thief in denial where he hid your dollar.