Q: What’s the first thing they teach you in “How to be an Elected Official” school?

A: Above all else, don’t use government funds for campaign purposes. There’s no faster or surer way to land an ethics charge – or even a criminal charge.

Now, I don’t know which category this falls into – but it’s definitely in the Unbelievably Stupid category. State Senator Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls) sent out a letter to the lobby last month on state letterhead that included the following:

While this is an off-cycle for me and I will not need to run for election, I plan on being actively involved in campaigns. … Your contribution of $2,500, $1,000 or $500 can help me continue this effort. …

 Raising campaign money. From lobbyists. On state letterhead. Who is he kidding? (Click here to see a scanned copy of the letter.)

I mean, he even checked the box to have the contributions sent to his State Capitol office!

An ethics charge was filed against Whitsett in relation to this.

– Kari Chisolm