The site owner maintained a live webcam of Klamath Falls continuously from 2001 to 2012. There were a great many followers, but it was always costly and impossible to sustain through any means attempted, such as advertising and sponsorships. Some local quasi-governmental organizations, such as Klamath County Tourism Department, went so far as to criticize the location in recent years, without offering one cent of sponsorship support for a better location.

The webcam was usually co-hosted with businesses and building owners who donated the space, while the operator ate the cost of the camera, installation and constant maintenance. There was never a problem with the building owner hosts, they were all wonderful. But you can’t just put a webcam anywhere. They are notoriously difficult to install, access and support. The brutal weather makes support even more difficult.

Many people who enjoyed being able to see live images thanked the site operator, which is the only reason he kept it going as long as he did. They were people who grew up in the area, or visited, and wanted to feel closer to the place by seeing a live image. Some bed-ridden people used it to feel like they were part of the world they couldn’t participate in directly. People in the armed forces would get homesick and feel better and closely connected to their hometown through the webcam.

It had to end sometime. The demise came after a number of City of Klamath Falls and Klamath County policies conspired to drive business hosts and building owners away. The downturn of commerce and tourism didn’t help, either. The site owner kept it going longer than he should, probably not being like most people who would have given in much sooner. For example, if everytime you stand up, you get punched in the face, how long can you bear the energy and pain of standing up again. Eventually you just stay down. That time finally came for the Klamath Webcam. Those with the largest stake in its demise were in local government and the personalities who exploit, steal ideas, and complain without offering any constructive assistance. They are everywhere. This is just one example of many services people like that goes away for lack of significant awareness and support. Get used to it, more will follow.